Oita day five 大分 #6

You may be wondering why the guys on our team are all wearing jimbes today.

Well, when we researched our final destination for today we discovered that we could get in for free if we wore kimono.  We wanted to visit the Samurais house and the castle in Kitsuki.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, (note for anyone travelling in Oita.  Many sites close quite early.) the samurais house had just closed. However, the castle was about a five minute walk from the Samurais house.  Julianne really wanted to visit the castle, so she sent up prayer that we would not be too late.

When we arrived the ladies were just turning off the lights.  At first they were hesitent and the first lady was not too sure if Jimbe qualified as kimono.  However, with a big smile she turned the lights back on an gave us the free entrance.  Julianne!  Your prayers are awesome!!

The castle was definitly very stragitically located,  giving us spectacular views from the third floor.

Tim, the serious samurai.

They are suce a cute couple.

And our fearless leader.



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