Oita day five 大分 #4

We made a special effort to take our hosts out for a meal.  It involved a drive into Oita city and locating the only shabu shabu resturant there.  It was an all you can eat service so everyone ate to the full.

We had to split the group into two tables but at our table we had a great discussion about the difficulties of the church work in Beppu city and what we felt would be the best responses.

Two main areas came up one was greed and the other was deception.  As we thought and discussed about these areas, we felt that generosity and extending trust would be key ways  to respond to these things.  It was a priviledge to be able to talk and learn from a team who had been working in the city for over nine years.

After a nice ice cream dessert, we parted ways, headed back to the church to prepare for the next adventure of the day.

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