Oita day five 大分 #3

In the photograph on my previous post of Beppu city, you may have seen plumes of steam rising up from the ground, this is because Beppu is on top of a very large volcanic area.

Our next stop was at a place where several large steam and water vents come up from this volcanic activity creating spectacular places to view the steam and water coming out.

This particular location has at least eight different events that can be viewed and they are known as the hells of Beppu.

The water is extremely hot and not safe for anyone to try and bathe in.  However Japanese have surrounded the spots with incredible, beautiful nature which they keep up meticulously .

This tied back into our team time this morning as we were reminded that in Nagasaki during the big persecution of the Christian church, the believers were sometimes thrown into the boiling waters to be killed.

We had read, “How precious in your eyes is the death of your faithful servants”.  We saw two things this morning as we read that verse.   One, that God  notices and it was precious to him.  The  other was the faithfulness and commitment of the Japanese who choose death, rather than deny their faith in Jesus .

Just before leaving the park we took advantage of the onsen foot  soaking area where the water wasn’t too hot and we could relax and soothe our feet before the journey home.

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