Oita day four 大分 #4

Our next adventure was to take a cable chair, no seat belts, no stopping, just jump on and jump off.  We went up to a Buddhist temple where Japanese people had been praying at for a very long time.

Part of the track had been carved out of the rocks.  There were over 250 statues at this temple.

We finally arrived and here was the building.  We found a lookout point from which we spoke out and declared the words we felt God had given us for Oita.

We moved on to one of the biggest Shinto shrines in all of Japan.  This one was featured in one of the God’s Fingerprints in Japan videos.

 The grounds were very extensive and included several smaller shrines.

The shrines were all closed however, so we did not get to see the place where Ame no minaka nushi was enshrined.

All in all this was a very full and busy day.  Upon returning to the church where we stayed we discovered the close bye onsen that the pastor had told us about that only cost 100 yen to enter. Jose, Tim and I soaked away the tiredness of our bodies and enjoyed the bath lots and lots an lots.

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