Oita day four 大分 #3

Time for lunch.  The Kawaradas overflowing with generosity and hospitality first helped us find a gluten free resturant then treated all of us to their fried chicken set lunch.  It really tasted good.

There was a lot of friendly sharing and comparing of notes revealing so many experiences in common.  Technology enabled to share these as well as family photos.  The chicken tasted fantastic.

After lunch we visited a museum that was dedicated to Yukichi Fukuzawa who was from Nakazato, born into a poor family but he studied a lot and became a leading figure in the major restoration.  Now the highest denomination of currency in Japan (¥10,000) bears his picture, so every one in Japan knows his name.  He is from Oita Prefecture.

This is Yukichi studying in a loft type room that he built in the food storage building with one of his favourite students.

Finally, a bust of Yukichi made out if sheets of cardboard.  Very impressive indeed.

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