Oita day four 大分 #2

Next on our to-do list for today was to visit the Kawaharada family,  friends of Tim and Julie, who had met their son Masa in the USA when he was a high school exchange student.

They quickly and warmly welcomed us into their house and blessed us with traditional Japanese tea and snacks.

The father has the same name as my firstborn son, Kazuhiro.  One of so many co-incidences on this trip that continue to bless us and confirm that God is in everything we are doing.

We noticed two samurai swords on display and Kazuhiro explained that while they were replicas and not the real thing, they were the same size and weight as the original swords.

Jose too realy got into being the spiritual samurai warrior that he already is.

Kazuhiro also brought out his Kendo training sword and we were able to tell him about the new Kendo Dojo they were building next to the Rugby stadium where the world cup games will be held.



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