Oita day four 大分 #1

Thursday.  Today we went to Nakatsu Castle, awesome building, complete with a moat.  We walked all the way around it even though it was a VERY hot day.  So hot that  half way around our team decided to take shelter in the shade.

It was also on the walk around the castle that I discovered  my shadow had really colorful socks.

The castle would have been a resident of the local Daimyo back in the samurai days.   Having completed the circle we returned to the car park when I noticed this Catholic Church on the other side of the Shinto shrine.  Apparently there are fourteen churches in the city of 84,000 people.

Everywhere we go it is obvious to see the Japanese appreciation for beauty expressed in the gardens, especially at the temples and shrines, so we respond by taking lots of pictures.

Ok!  Ok!  So this is what they were taking pictures of.



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