As those of you who frequent my facebook page will know that from time to time I borrow someones hat and then take a picture of that person and me while wearing their hat. This is a tangent of off that caused by one of my beloved nephew’s living in the channel Islands, where I have three small fortunes held in offshore accounts to help finance Brexit and other terrorist organizations.

My beloved nephew Andy, started 2017 with an awesome idea to pay it forward to the first five people who replied with “I’m in” and agreed to offer the same to another five fine people too. His plan was to send something of meaning to those five fine people at a time of his choosing sometime during the year.

I wasn’t too sure just where I stood on his ranking of nice people but was a little chagrined to find myself at the bottom. Yes the very last one to get their goodie. However, when I did get my gift, I really did think that he kept the best for last.

He sent me two fine caps that are now my pride and joy!!!!!  Below is the picture of the package that arrived safely at my house all the way from Jersey!  In my next blog, you will get to see these beauties!

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