Making Friends – part 3

Ryo came back a couple of weeks later and we looked at the New Testament and discussed what he had read.    I was amazed that he had already read seven chapters of Romans and had questions about chapter six.  This is quite understandable as the Japanese word for sin uses the word for committing a crime.  Given that most Japanese citizens do not have a police record it is easy to understand why they often stuggle to identify with this concept.  Ryo and I talked for awhile and it seemed that he was beginning to comprehend the concept of sin.  We also had pleantly of free conversation and lots of fun.

Ryo really enjoyed our time at Ofuro no Oosama and even though he would soon be returning to his university studies he said he would like to go again when he had some free time.  Another book we studied together is one of the reel kids adventure books.  This story was very interesting to Ryo and provided lots of opportunity for practicing several conversation topics in our English free conversation time.  We completed our study of the first chapter of Romans together and the next time we meet will move on to chapter two.

At the end of our time I gave Ryo a cross made from water buffalo horn that I had bought at a night market in  Chaing Mai, when I did the pastoral visit for our first bi-lingual DTS.  Ryo really liked this gift.  I am looking forward to our next visit.

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