Making Friends

Last week we had an unusually heavy rainfall.  When it first started I took a couple of photos and you can already see someone’s garbage bin was floating down the road in the left of the picture.

So I went out side to see how much rain there was and if I could help rescue the floating bin.  The water level kept rising higher and higher and several of the plastic ramps our neighours use to help them drive over the curb also came floating down the road.  I took time to wedge them into secure places so they would not drift any further.

I did not take any pictures of this because of the rain but did take a few more to show the amount of water piling up around our house.  I think I kept this up for about an hour firmly securing several floating ramps and a couple of garbage bins so my neighbors could easily find them when the water receded.

The I decided to take a walk down the side of my house and saw a neighborhood boy coming out of his house, so I waded through the knee deep water and went to greet him.  His first reaction was to take a selfie with me coming down the road.

We said hi and then he followed me down the road and took another picture of me taking a picture of the newspaper man overcoming all obstacles to deliver his papers.

Outside my house we took a selfie together.  Then I invited him in, offered him some hot chocolate and we talked for about thirty minutes or so.  He seemed so happy to talk and told me his name was Ryo.  We became Line friends and decided we would meet again and develop our relationship.

I have tried and tried to edit this photo so that it will post normally but for some weird reason WordPress refuses to save the changes.  Today I gave up and posted it sideways anyway.


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