Tohoku Prayer Trip Part 2 Day 5

Today, like yesterday involved lots and lots and lots of driving.  However, we only visited one place so there are not so many pictures.

Praying at Akita station

First we drove to the third and final prefecture of our trip, Akita.  Unfortunately it rained most of the day.   One unusual and fun thing for today was that we actually set foot on Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi  Prefecture. Akita Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture. Four prefectures in one road trip.

Looking for food

Like I said it rained most of the day.  Here is our pitiful party in search of a place to eat with only one umbrella between us.  We were looking for a Matsuya but for whatever, reason there were none to be found. We ended up eating at a Udon restaurant followed by paying homage at the local Starbucks where we were warmed and filled ready to press on to Yamagata where we would be sleeping for the night before returning to Tokyo.

Eating at Coco’s in Yamagata

By evening were safely arrived at our destination where we wee met by Kazuki who helped us get our stuff to the place where we would be sleeping.  We also met Ken the Pastor who came over for the evening prayer meeting.  Fortunately he was very understanding and allowed us to go out and get something to eat and find a local Onsen, after which we slept soundly through the night.

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