Tohoku Prayer Trip Part 2 Day 3

Our sleeping quarters for the night

We slept in temporary housing last night.  Once again the weather turned out to be beautiful in the morning and we were soon on our way to Morioka City the capital of Iwate Prefecture.

Praying for Iwate Prefecture

The drive was smooth and we even took the mountain pass.  I was glad it was not raining or snowing.  We arrived at Morioka station after about two and a half hours of driving.  As our custom was we went to the entrance of the trains and prayed there.

We were excited to pray by the poster

I took this picture because I noticed the poster in the background that had the word PRAY on it.  Not too sure what the poster was about but it was there so I had to take it.

Fellowshipping at the table

Just a a five minute drive from the station was Morioka Bible Baptist Church.  They had a lunch meeting and welcomed us to join them.  It was amazing EVERYONE spoke English.  It was encouraging to hear their stories and spend time praying for them and their desire to reach young people and start new works in the prefecture.  Again we heard of the different churches who were working together.  All of this as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

People are what makes anyplace special


We had way too much fun here at the church and look forward to building on the relationships that were made.  Even the group photo was special.  Our team was encouraged by all that God is already doing in the heart of Iwate Prefecture.

Praying in the guest house

Next we drove another hour and a half to enter the second Prefecture of our tour.  Aomori Prefecture.  This Prefecture is famous for it Apple industry.  Two ladies Junko and Yoshiko, who had help arrange our place to stay came over for an impromptu visit which turned into an hour of prayer for the Prefecture and the nation of Japan.

Yaaaaaaaawn….time to go to sleep.


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